Our Story

A better way to find aged care service providers

After working in advisory roles with some of Australia’s largest private and not-for-profit aged care service providers, and as a consultant to government services for almost 15 years, founder Mary Baumann helped thousands of clients navigate the complex system of aged care providers.

Mary saw first-hand the misinformation and confusion that often exists when people enter into aged care, from trying to find the right aged care home, to not knowing the costs involved, not understanding their rights and entitlements, or services that would be provided.

And so Find Aged Care was founded; to give everyone fast and easy access to aged care. Find Aged Care is an online experience that will help people search for their care options, providing vacancy information, answer questions and connect them with their aged care home, guiding them through the process, step-by-step.

It’s more than just a database of aged care service providers – we want to help all Australians access quality care that’s right for them. We’re revolutionising the aged care industry by streamlining the placement process for individual people, their families and aged care service providers. And we’re changing the way people view aged care admissions; creating a hassle-free, affordable and effective way to secure quality aged care services based on your individual needs.

It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief - because we’ve done all the hard work for you. We’re making a complex system what it should be: simple.

It’s Mary’s vision – that all Australians have access to great health care. In addition to her roles as founder and director of Find Aged Care and Aged Care Placement Services (ACPS), Mary is a consultant to aged care service providers, helping to elevate the standard of care across Australia.

Our Values

There is a solution to every problem
We’re here to help people. We have experience navigating the complexities of the aged care, government, healthcare systems, and we can see solutions that others can’t.
In looking on the bright side
Aged care doesn’t have to be fraught with doom and gloom. Aged care can be a really lovely environment - caring, fun and social. And the experience of finding aged care can be a really positive one, surrounded by people who care.
There is always a better way
We’re here to raise the standard of aged care. How? By providing seamless, transparent access to care. By implementing a feedback loop that helps aged care providers improve their service. And by working with the industry as a whole to look for better ways to help people.
The more we know, the more we can help
There’s a saying: ‘You can’t fix what you don’t know’. We are constantly curious and always broadening our knowledge and understanding so that we can help our clients and better the industry as a whole. Real data creates real insights that can create real change.
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